Do you want to know more about the application process for evaluations at the Danish Health Technology Council? Then sign up for our information meeting, where the Secretariat reviews how the Danish Health Technology Council treats its applications and the associated methods. Here, it is also possible to get answers to any question you might have.

Danish Health Technology Council Secretariat is currently offering an online information meeting for applicants. The purpose of this meeting is to present the process and methodology by which the Danish Health Technology Council evaluates health technology.

The information meeting is an open and free offer to all Health Care systems stakeholders regardless of size or scope. The content is targeted those for whom it is relevant to develop applications to the Danish Health Technology Council.

In the presentation the secretariat will review when and how the Danish Health Technology Council’s methods guidelines, technical documents and templates must or can be included.

Besides a detailed run-through of the small and large steps of the process, the secretariat will give their input on where applicants might need to be especially attentive in the use of the Process Guide and Methodological guidelines.

Danish Health Technology Council values open dialogue and recognizes that the establishment of the Danish Health Technology Council presents applicants with a new task.

Sign up

The information meeting will be on the 28thof October from 3 pm to 5 pm Danish time via Microsoft Teams.

To sign up please send an e-mail to Write "Information meeting" as the subject line of your e-mail and please include your name, job title and affiliated organization.

If you have any questions regarding the Process Guide or the Methodological guidelines before the meeting, you are welcome to send these along with your application to the meeting. These questions will be answered during the meeting. You can read our most essential documents prior to the meeting here.