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The Danish Health Technology Council is expected to conduct 15-25 evaluations annually. 

The five Danish regions, hospital managements, and companies can submit proposals for evaluations to the Danish Health Technology Council. Companies can propose that health technologies be evaluated if they can show that it is probable that the health technology does not lead to increased total health care costs*. Regional  and hospital managements must account for costs associated with the proposed health technology; for these applicants, however, there is no requirement for the health technology to be cost-neutral or cost-saving.

*Costs for the healthcare system refers to the whole healthcare system, i.e.,costs in a broad perspective. The assessment of costs associated with the health technology should take a limited societal perspective. For a more detailed description of the scope of the assessment in terms of its perspective, and how costs should be estimated, see the Danish Health Technology Council’s guidelines on cost statements.

The subject field of the Danish Health Technology Council is broad and includes medical devices, but also treatments, diagnostic devices, rehabilitation, prevention, and organizational initiatives in relation to healthcare services. The Danish Health Technology Council does not make recommendations concerning medicines and other products, the primary effect of which is exerted through a pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic action.

The Danish Health Technology Council can evaluate health technologies for use in hospitals, general practice, and municipalities, if the technology interacts with hospital care. The aim is to always evaluate health technologies based on their assessed added value, and technologies will be compared with the best existing, already implemented alternative in Danish practice. In cases in which there is no actual alternative, the comparator will for example be no active treatment or, as proxy for this, placebo and/or sham. The assessment of the value of a technology includes:

  • clinical effectiveness and safety
  • patient experiences
  • organizational impact
  • health economics

The Danish Health Technology Council can evaluate both new health technologies and health technologies already widely used in the healthcare system. However, a certain level of documentation for outcomes and costs is required for the Council to initiate an evaluation.

The process for the applicant for the evaluations is described in the process guide from the Danish Health Technology Council. You can also learn more about the evaluations in the Methodological guidelines from the Danish Health Technology Council, which applicants are recommended to read.

If you wish to have a health technology evaluated by the Danish Health Technology Council, you can read more here.