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The Danish Health Technology Council no longer accepts evaluation proposals from companies with the aim of initiating new evaluations from September 2024, as the Danish Health Technology Council's industry track will close as of 1st of August 2024, prior to the transition to the Institute for Quality in Healthcare.

The information below remains relevant for ongoing evaluations, as already initiated and active evaluations will be completed during 2025.


The evaluation proposal forms the basis for a decision by the Danish Health Technology Council on whether to initiate an evaluation of a health technology. Applicants prepare an evaluation proposal themselves with guidance from the Secretariat.

Before starting to complete the evaluation proposal, we recommend that you read the following material. We also recommend that you consult the secretariat, so that you are well prepared to complete the form:

We also provide the following tools that you can use in your evaluation proposal

When you have read the documents and initiated dialogue with the secretariat, you can start your evaluation proposal here:

Complete evaluation proposal

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your evaluation proposal, it will be validated by the Secretariat and then presented to the Danish Health Technology Council. The validation will be completed by no later than three weeks prior to the Council meeting at which you want the Council to consider your evaluation proposal, so submit your evaluation proposal in due time. 

List of dates of Council meetings.

At the Council meeting, the Council will review all the evaluation proposals submitted and then select evaluation proposals for actual evaluation.

If the Council decides to initiate an evaluation of your health technology on the basis of your evaluation proposal, you must then complete an application form with more information.

You will be told about the further process after the Council meeting.

*Cf. the board meeting of the Danish Regions September 24th 2022, it is no longer required that industrial applicants should demonstrate that a technology is likely to be either cost neutral or cost reducing. Therefore, it is no longer required that industrial applicants fill out the cost outline template, however this is still advised.