When you want to have a health technology evaluated by the Danish Health Technology Council, you have to go through several steps before the Danish Health Technology Council can make its recommendation. 

If you want to have a health technology evaluated, the first step is to contact the Danish Health Technology Council secretariat, who will guide you through the process of drawing up an evaluation proposal. Start your dialogue with the secretariat here.

It is also advisable to read the Danish Health Technology Council's process guide and methodological guidelines for a full insight into what, as an applicant, you should provide for the Danish Health Technology Council, and when you can expect guidance and advice from the secretariat.

Prepare an evaluation proposal

After you have been in dialogue with the secretariat and reviewed the relevant material, you will have to prepare an evaluation proposal.

The evaluation proposal forms the basis for a decision by the Danish Health Technology Council on whether to initiate an evaluation. Applicants should prepare an evaluation proposal themselves, possibly with guidance from the secretariat.

The evaluation proposal will then be validated by the secretariat. Once the evaluation proposal has been validated, the secretariat will ensure it is submitted to the Danish Health Technology Council. The validation will be completed by no later than three weeks prior to the Council meeting at which you want the Council to consider your evaluation proposal, so submit your evaluation proposal in good time. List of dates of Council meetings.

At the Council meeting, the Council will review all evaluation proposals submitted, after which the Council will select evaluation proposals for actual evaluation.

Complete the evaluation proposal here 

Selected for evaluation

If your evaluation proposal is selected for evaluation, you will be contacted by the Danish Health Technology Council's secretariat.

In the next phase, the evaluation phase, an expert committee will be set up, and together with the secretariat they will prepare an evaluation design, which will form the basis for the contents of your application. However, you can already start work once you have been informed that your evaluation proposal has been selected, as several parts of the application can be completed before the evaluation design is ready.

You cannot complete the full application until the Danish Health Technology Council has selected your evaluation proposal for evaluation. In late summer 2021, it will be possible to access the application form on this website.

You can consult the secretariat throughout the phase in which you are preparing your application.

When your application has been completed, submitted and technically validated, the expert committee and the secretariat will draw up an assessment report. This will then be sent to you and the comparator, who will be able to submit a consultation statement within 14 days. Once this period is over, the Council will decide on its recommendation.