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The Danish Health Technology Council no longer accepts evaluation proposals from companies with the aim of initiating new evaluations from September 2024, as the Danish Health Technology Council's industry track will close as of 1st of August 2024, prior to the transition to the Institute for Quality in Healthcare.

The information below remains relevant for ongoing evaluations, as already initiated and active evaluations will be completed during 2025.


This template is used to submit evaluation proposals to the Danish Health Technology Council for evaluation of a new or existing health technology. The evaluation proposal should be completed by the applicant and aims to provide the Council with the necessary knowledge for deciding which evaluations to initiate. It is recommended that applicants engage in dialogue with the Danish Health Technology Council secretariat for guidance on completion.

The template contains the following overall themes:

  • information about the applicant
  • information about the health technology
  • information about the evidence base for the health technology

NOTE: You can either fill in the digital form below this text field, or you can fill in the word template, which must then be submitted to the Danish Health Technology Council at kontakt@behandlingsraadet.dk. Write "Evaluation proposal" as the subject line of your e-mail

The scope of the response to each of the themes will depend on the individual health technology. If the applicant find that a specific question is not relevant, the applicant should state 'not relevant' with a brief supporting argument.

If there is confidential information in the evaluation proposal, this should be clearly marked by applying following to your answer: //CONFIDENTIAL//. If the proposal is submitted using the Word-template, please highlight all confidential information in yellow.

Should any questions arise in preparation of an evaluation proposal or outline of costs, applicants can contact the Danish Health Technology Council's secretariat for guidance or clarification.

In addition to the evaluation proposal, applicants are encouraged to attach an outline of costs explaining the total costs associated with use of the health technology. The Danish Health Technology Council’s secretariat provides an outline of costs form to be used by Regions, hospital administrators and companies, however this is not a requirement.