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Do you want to submit a health technology for evaluation by the Danish Health Technology Council? The first step is an initial dialogue with the Secretariat – on this page you can fill out a request, after which you will be contacted directly.

The Danish Health Technology Council makes recommendations for the application of health technology, including medical devices as well as treatments, diagnostics, rehabilitation, prevention, and organizational initiatives related to treatment in the Danish health care setting*. If you have a technology that fits within this definition and that you would like to have evaluated, please fill out the form below.

A private company or a Danish public health provider whom wishes to submit an evaluation proposal can start this process with an initial dialogue with the Secretariat. The purpose of this initial dialogue is to provide information about the process and the requirements for documentation and presentation of the health technology, as well as to plan the further course of action and to discuss the model for a potential  evaluation

The form for evaluation proposal can be filled out after the initial dialogue.

What to expect

The following 12 fields must be completed, as the Secretariat needs this information to initiate dialogue with potential applicants.  

Once the Secretariat of the Danish Health Technology Council has received your request, you will receive confirmation by email. If you have not received this within one working day after your submission, we encourage you to contact the Danish Health Technology Council at kontakt@behandlingsraadet.dk.

Once we have received your request, we will contact you directly - usually within 5 working days - to initiate the formal dialogue.

Name of the company or hospital/region

Including model number and/or version number

Core outcome: What problem does the technology primarily resolve?

only relevant for medical devices